Hands-on healing and therapeutic touch are part of daily life in Africa. Community is the circle of interaction and warmth and it is the right of every family member to assure the well-being of each individual. Grandmothers are the keepers of wisdom; sisters share skilled fingers to create zen-like hair masterpieces with patterned revelation; women whisper age-old beauty recipes gleaned from nature to preserve, protect and nourish exposed skin. Rain Spa rituals originated from this culture of nurturing and natural beauty. You are invited to an African journey with Unique Rain Rituals, using your own choice of natural Rain products, formulated from wild-harvested and organic plant activities, brimming with nourishment and antioxidants; incorporating generous percentages for maximum efficacy.

no frills

full body massage

Combining deep pressure, manipulation, pulling, stretching, effleurage and cross friction techniques to offer a solution to your tired and aching muscles, perfect for an active or highly stressed traveller. Feel free to choose your own products and the area of focus for this treatment.

60 minutes



A transformation treatment that starts with a soothing body brush. This is followed by a gentle skin exfoliation with body polish. After a shower and steam bath, body mask is applied and allowed to soak in while your body is kept snug. Finishing touches involve a scalp massage, a soothing long stroke body moisturize and an ostrich feather body tickle.

180 minutes




The experience is one of being cosseted in a cocoon of warmth - a comforting and deeply relaxing experience that leaves you feeling decadently nourished. You are gradually awakened by a face massage under a cooling wisp as the massage cocoon starts to unravel, enabling you to emerge and take flight.

60 minutes


rain dance

An original Rain Dance massage, applied to the back, neck and shoulders. Rain's delectable Marula and Shea Body Butter massage bar is used as deeply enriching and nourishing skin butter, followed by steamed herbal cloth balls, which are used to release pressure and tension - along with specially sequenced tribal music.

60 minutes


the sole

A cleansing water ritual with a twist encourages stress release. The therapist makes use of a "caterpillar milk technique" to encourage lymph drainage in your legs and to ease the tension from your body. A Rain healing balm is applied. You awaken re-energised with a spring in your step.

60 minutes


two oceans

Hot African sea stones are interspersed with quick bursts of soothing coolness and warm stimulation - to promote circulation, while rocking the body with wave-like pressure movements for relaxation. Includes a refreshing sea salt body scrub with skin nutrients of your choice.

60 minutes


elephant walk

Our massage technique used here is inspired by the elephant's walk. As you lie down and let your body grow heavy, you will feel the imaginary sensation of an elephant walking over your body as your therapist uses a calabash to apply firm pressure up and down your muscles, followed by gentle pounding.

60 minutes



Our ritual begins with an anointing of oil, giving your hair a boost of goodness! We complete the ritual by wrapping your head with an Iduki head wrap. Your entire body is painted with your choice of Rain Massage Oil, which will be massaged into your skin with long, strong movements with deep pressure applied all the way.

90 minutes



affirmation facial

Tender skin cleanse, followed by gentle facial scrub. A healing and soothing mask is applied and while the mask takes effect, you can choose a hand, foot OR head massage. Included is our unique facial lift massage and anti-aging lotion for a new affirmed you.

60 minutes


the journey

Your journey begins with a scrub from knees to toes. Then a body mask is applied to your legs and feet before we warmly wrap them while you receive a head massage - wet or dry. A foot massage with one of our body butters ends the session. Includes shape, buff and polish as well as cuticle treatment.

60 minutes


the prayer

We serve the world with our hands. They are not covered or protected like the rest of our bodies and so quickly show signs of age. Let us serve you while you rest your body and we restore and nourish your hands. Includes shape, buff and polish as well as cuticle treatment.

60 minutes


You are welcomed with a cool shower and herbal tea, followed by 15 minutes steam session. Next is the metamorphosis during which you are covered in clay or Wrap, left to soak into your body. Another steam session follows for 20 minutes. After a shower, The Sole is applied. Includes a light lunch or breakfast.

a day in the

rain forest

240 minutes


lover's nest

Start this romantic journey together with a glass of champagne and fruit platter served at the spa bath. Freshly invigorated, you leave the spa bath to share the unique Initiation Massage. As you drift into deep relaxation with soft sounds of nature, your therapist starts your relaxing Sole Treatments. Continue the journey into the future and take home a Rain Pamper Kit to enjoy at home together.

150 minutes


couple's therapy

There is nothing more precious than sharing time and experiences. Why not share your spa experience with your spouse, your partner, friend, daughter... It is a unique experience to share a treatment in the same room with someone you care about and is ideal for couples, friends, mothers or for the bride and mother of the bride before the big day.

60 minutes

R995 for 2

customised packages
use of the facilities

Feel free to create your own experience and combinations. Speak to your therapist for the best combinations for you and the discounts which apply.

Access to our Sauna / Gym Facilities - R150 which includes a DIY Rain scrub and wrap pack.

spa etiquette

Welcome to the village spa. We are looking forward to pampering you. Please feel free to communicate any needs before, during or after your treatment to ensure you are comfortable and receive the service you deserve.

You will be required to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your booking time, to enable us to complete all administrative requirements, choose your product experience and ensure you are well briefed and ready for your relaxation session.

Please respect our fellow guests by switching off your mobile phone and leaving it in your hotel room or a locker provided.

Adjust to the atmosphere of calm and relaxation by talking softly, so as not to disturb fellow guests already in treatment.

Avoid eating a heavy meal prior to treatments.

We require 24 hours notice for any cancellation of an appointment. We kindly request that you make sure that you are available at the time of your booking.

The full rate will be charged failing adequate notice or cancellation.

This is a professional therapeutic spa and no lewd or inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.

As a courtesy to our guests, we do not add any service charge or tip to our bill as it is not obligatory or expected.

You are welcome to offer a tip directly to your therapist or add it to your bill as an expression of your appreciation.

We look forward to pampering and spoiling you and we hope to exceed your expectation in the quality of our service. Please offer us your honest feedback to enable us to improve our client service to you.

When making use of the shower facilities, please keep in mind that your treatment time is pre-booked and should you wish to shower before as recommended, or after a treatment, this must be taken into consideration in planning your arrival and departure times.